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Best Seafood in Busan: The Fish Lover’s Guide

If there’s one thing that Busan is known for the world over, it’s their seafood.  

As South Korea’s largest port – and the world’s sixth largest – Busan’s thriving fishing industry has naturally influenced the city’s cuisine, and it’s now a hub renowned for delicious catches of the day and tasty local dishes. If you’re heading to Busan, you’d be remiss not to sample some of the city’s tastiest foods. We’ve collected some of our favourite spots that we think have the best seafood in Busan – whether you’re feeling adventurous or not, you’re bound to find something here that you’ll love.  

Read on to find out more – or jump to our handy Google map to discover them yourself! Wherever you are in Busan, there’ll be an amazing spot for you to try the best seafood and fish that the city has to offer.  

best seafood in busan

1. Jagalchi Market

It’s an obvious one, we know – but it’s obvious for good reason! As the largest seafood market in Korea, it’s home to sprawling stalls both inside and out, all selling freshly caught local delicacies, from snow crab to oysters and everything in between. If you’ve got a real eye for fish, you can pick out what you want yourself and take it upstairs to be cooked there and then by one of the raw fish restaurants. Otherwise, you can leave it to the experts, and sample some of the delicious dishes they list themselves. One firm favourite is Jacky’s Seafood Restaurant, which is warm and inviting – and has a fantastic menu to boot.  

2. Gijang Crab Market

If Jagalchi gave you a taste for crab, one of the region’s specialties, why not try visiting Gijang? This market specialises in crab, meaning you’re bound to find some of the freshiest produce to try. Similarly to Jagalchi, Gijang can operate on a cook-to-order basis if you’d like to – or you can sample from a menu if you’d prefer. Either way, though, it’s the best place to try whatever is in season, whether it be horse crab, king crab, and more – and there’s also numerous other options for if your co-traveller isn’t a crab-lover. It’s slightly further out than Jagalchi – but well worth the visit. Simply head upstairs to find an array of small local restaurants, each with their own charm and delightful menu.  

best seafood in busan

3. Goraesa Eomuk Fishcake 

Busan is famous for having the best fishcakes – eomuk, in the traditional style – around, and Goraesa’s largest store in Haeundae (the visitor’s paradise!) is one of the best places to try them. On the ground floor, you’ll find all different varieties of eomuk to purchase if you’re looking for a grab and go. Alternatively, on the first floor there’s a busy little restaurant where you can try them while you take a seat. It’s situated right next to the kitchen where they’re made fresh! If you’re really bitten by the seafood bug, at the Haeundae store you can even book onto a class to learn how to make them yourself. 

4. Onbap

If you’re out and about in Gwangalli Beach and you’ve got a hankering for good grilled fish, Onbap should be your next visit. The area around the beach is packed full of delicious restaurants and cute cafés, meaning that Onbap has some stiff competition – but it certainly delivers. Specialising in items like mackerel (so beloved by the area that there’s an annual Mackerel Festival), it’s a homey placed that’s loved by locals. Head there to get a sprawling set dinner, featuring rice, kimchi, and much more.  

best seafood in busan

5. Sumin’s / Cheongsapo Suminine

If you’re in market for trying grilled eel, head to Sumin’s. Just off Haeundae Beach in the more bustling part of Busan, Sumin’s has a reputation for delivering excellent quality dishes made of fresh seafood and fish. With a convenient location right next to the Blueline Park station, you can head from the tram after a day of exploring, and inside to try some of their menu. For real seafood lovers, opt for the assorted platter, which comes piled high with abalone, shrimps, eel and much more.  


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